René Rivas, brings a quality and energy that is rarely seen these days.

A good portion of rap music is actually inspired by anime, manga, and comics. Rappers such as Lupe FiascoDenzel CurryDom Kennedy, and many others combined their love of cartoons and science fiction to help compose wonderful music. Japanese manga, video games, superheroes, and geek culture always had a place in hip-hop, and El Salvador’s own BambielR4 has made a name for himself by being creative with rhymes and sharing his talent with the world through YouTube.

Bent Pixels partner BambielR4, also known as René Rivas, brings a quality and energy that is rarely seen these days, and that’s one of many reasons why he’s cultivated an enormous following in a very short time. He’s an extremely talented creator who’s captivated others with his music, hilarious antics, and creativity, and has since become a highlight of our Spanish-language Primera Community.

Vital Statistics

Channel created – October 2014
Subscribers – 760,000+ subscribers
Views – 75 million total

BambielR4, aka René Rivas, with his silver play button from YouTube.

When you click on his channel, you open the door to a vibrant and energetic collection of music and comedy videos inspired by anime, Star Wars, and more.

We had the chance to interview BambielR4 about various topics, and here’s what he had to say:

What made you want to create a YouTube channel that focused on anime, video games, and music, and was that always the vision for your channel?

Since I was a teenager, I really liked anime, video games, and music. First I wrote love lyrics, and then I used music as a relief. I wrote when I was sad or when I was happy. I decided to start writing about geek topics because that’s what people identify with more today, plus I like to help people to forget their problems or overcome them.

You’ve shared amazing music and content with the world, and several of your videos are inspired by Dragon Ball Z and Gohan. How long have you been a fan of the show, and what does the show mean to you?

Dragon Ball Z was my childhood. I remember I was about 6 years old when I started seeing it. And to this day, I still watch it because I’m watching Dragon Ball Super now. I

have always liked the character of Gohan because he has become the strongest in the series, even though at first he was mostly a crybaby. That makes me see that courage can make you change a lot, to the point of becoming a stronger person physically or mentally. That’s why I’ve written lyrics based on this series, and I hope to keep writing more about it.

What are your future plans for the channel, and what are some of your favorite older videos of yours?

Among my future plans is to improve the quality of my content on YouTube. I like very much to make catchy songs, and my goal is to continue making fun videos or songs that make people identify with. I also want to make a musical album that includes many of my best songs. My favorite old videos are: “Gogeta Rap” and “Gema de Cristal“. Those songs were the first ones I did with different themes compared to the ones I did before.

What’s the most challenging aspect of being a YouTube creator, and how did you overcome the challenges?

I think it is the organization because as a creator, you are the one who must manage the time in the best way, and that is very difficult. Doing musical content, it is very difficult to write lyrics, record songs and edit videos in the same week. But still, I try to upload at least one video a week. Another challenge I have had is the fear of failing. When I started to

grow up, I thought: Will I be able to keep this audience entertained? What I did was take my chances. I varied the content a little and did new things. To this day I keep trying to innovate and keep my audience entertained.

What advice would you give aspiring creators who want to start a channel of their own?

I think a creator should enjoy what they do. If you enjoy what you do, you will show your happiness in your content and others will enjoy it as well. Always be clear what you want to show in your videos. You should not think of being a creator to be famous, for fashion, or for the money you could possibly earn. You must ask yourself: Do I want to teach my followers to do something through tutorials? Do I want to show a talent that I possess? Do I want to talk directly to the camera about interesting topics or make my trips known? Do I want to spend time playing a video game or do something fun and show it to my fans? What’s left is to enjoy what you do.

How can our readers find you on social media?

All of my social media online is BambielR4: YouTube | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram